How To Become an Income Tax Officer and its Full Information

How to become an Income Tax Officer and Its Complete information
Friends, if you want to know How to become an Income Tax Officer and Its Complete information. So keep reading this article till the end. Everyone wants their life to be something. Everyone has a dream. Some people want to become Engineers, some Doctors, some people want to become IAS Officer, and some want to become Income Tax Officer.
Friends, if your interest is also in becoming an Income Tax Officer and going ahead, you also want to get a good salary by becoming an Income Tax Officer. Still, you do not know how to become an Income Tax Officer? And how much does it cost to become an Income Tax Officer? And also, what eligibility is required to become an Income Tax Officer? What kind of studies should we do to become an Income Tax Officer?
The job of the Income Tax Officer is liked by the youth the most. It is also because there is a lot of fame in this field. But for this, a lot of money has to be invested, and a lot of hard work has to be done. But still many people are not able to become Income Tax Officer.

What is Income Tax Officer? 

The Income Tax Inspector is an officer who works on income tax-related matters as the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), a department of the Central Government in India. Income tax officers, commonly known as ITOs, have a lot of income tax defaulters in India.
Everyone has a dream of their own, and they work hard for it. Still, only a few candidates can become income tax Inspector, why would it happen that only a few out of many candidates candidate income Tax do succeed in exams are hard not to because it might get it right guidance such as what to read, to study how the subject, etc. Passenger information is essential to have if you find the income tax officer.

What is Income Tax ? 

Income Tax is a tax that is applied and collected by the Central Government on a person’s income. Income tax is an essential source of income that the government spends on developmental works. Therefore, the tax must be collected properly so that the Government’s Developmental Works can continue.Taxes in India can be classified into two parts (direct) and indirect (indirect). Direct tax is what you pay directly to the government on your income. Whereas indirect tax is a tax that someone else collects on your behalf and funds to the government such as restaurants, theaters, and e-commerce websites that charge you tax on the goods you buy or the service you take.

Eligibility To Become ITO 

To become an IncomeTax Officer (ITO), you must have some educational qualification Education Qualification. Only then can you become an ITO. Let us know what education qualification should we have to become an ITO.
  • Friends, first of all, you must have a 12th Pass Certificate.
  • After that, one should have a Graduation Degree from any Recognized University.
  • You can be a Graduation pass from any stream, whether Arts, Commerce, or Science.
  • After that, you should qualify in the Preliminary and Main Examination of SSC CGL Exam Conducted by SSC.

How To Become an Income Tax Officer? 

Now let’s talk about how to become an income tax officer, you have to work hard, along with this, you need to know the income tax officer exam syllabus, eligibility, salary, etc. of income tax.

Because unless and until you make the right strategy for your study, then only you will succeed in this, and apart from this, you can also prepare income tax from a good coaching class where you can get proper guidance.

So let us now tell you what qualification is required to become an ITO.

Qualification For Becoming an Income Tax Officer

To become an officer in the Income Tax Department, Its mandatory for the applicant to do graduation or post-graduation from any recognized university.

Age Limit
For applying for the post of Income Tax Officer, the age of the applicant is required to be a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 27 years, SC, ST five years, OBC three years and PWD get ten years of relaxation in reserved age applicants. It happens.
Physical ability
Male Women
Height – 157.5 cm Height – 152 cm
Sew Inflated – 81 cm Weight – 48 cm
Walking distance 1600 meters in 15 minutes 1 Km in 20 minutes walking distance
Cycling up to 8km distance in 30 minutes Cycling to cover 3 Km in 20 minutes

Examination To Become an Income Tax Officer

To become an officer in the Income Tax Department, the candidate has to pass the SSC CGL examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission. The test is held once a year by the SSC, and this examination is conducted in three phases.
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Interview (Interviews)

1. Preliminary Examination

The preliminary examination is the first stage for becoming an income tax officer, after applying, the applicants get an opportunity to appear in this examination, the preliminary examination consists of two question papers, first question paper with general awareness and general intelligence and second. Questions related to arithmetic are asked in the question paper.

Preliminary exam pattern

Subject No. of Question Number of Marks Time
General Intelligence and General Awareness 100 100 2 hours
Arithmetic 100 100 2 hours

2. Main Examination

Candidates who have passed the preliminary examination appear in the central review. In this test, questions related to general studies, language, communication skills, and writing are asked.

Main exam pattern

Subject Numbers of marks Time
General Studies 200 3 hours
English 100 2 hours 20 minutes
Arithmetic 200 4 hours
Language 100 2 hours 40 minutes
Communication skills and writing 200 2 hours 20 minutes

3. Interview

Candidates who have passed the main examination are called for interview, some of the qualities assessed during the personality test in the interview are mental alertness, clear and logical exposition, confidence, diversity, strengths, the balance of justice, intellectual level, Special interview importance on the way, purpose and conversation of manifesting the mental qualities of the candidate during And is, is a merit in which all candidates, lists are created at the end provides ranked according to their performance, the name of the applicant is included in the quality, he is appointed as a tax official.

Income Tax Officer Salary

Income tax officers receive from 9,300 to 34,600 rupees as monthly salary, in addition to this, they are provided vehicles, employees, buildings for residence, etc. by the government.

Application Form

The notification of examination for becoming an income tax officer is issued every year in April, this notification is published in the employment newspaper, Internet and other major newspapers, in which all information related to the application is given.
So, Friends, I hope you have cleared all the Doubts related to this topic. If you still have a doubt, you can ask by making comments. If you like, then you must share it with your friends.
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